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YapCRM Development Road Map

Your business is growing and developing and so YapCRM does too. We are going to be improving our version 3 of YapCRM with new looks, more reporting and smoother functionality to ensure that your CRM supports your business. 
All this will culminate in a new version of YapCRM - version 4!

The schedule below gives an outline of the improvements we are making and a rough timeline based on customer development requests.

If you'd like more information on any of the below, please get in touch.


2019-20 Development Pipeline

V3 Updates  
Complete Projects Module Improvements March 2019
Complete Re-Work Menus of More & Reporting Areas March 2019
Complete Full Render of Notes on Contact March 2019
  Media Store Refresh November 2019
Forecast System V3.5  
Complete Stage Reporting April 2019
Complete User Focused Home Panels April 2019
Complete User Focused Reporting April 2019
Workflow Improvements V3.5  
  Link Workflow & Forecasts Modules Q1 2020
  User Focused Home Panels Q1 2020
  User Focused Reporting Q1 2020
  Full Screen Workflow Q1 2020
SPI V3.5  
  Backend Re-write Q1 2020
  Intergrate Sales into SPI - Optional (can use old system or both). Q1 2020
  Design Improvements Q1 2020
Calendar & Tasks V3.5  
  Update & Improve Calendar System October 2019
  Task, recurrent linking for updates (optional, show family). October 2019
Invoice System V3  
Complete Complete Move Over of V2 Invoice System April 2019
  New Encryption Options & Password protected export options 2019
  Optional 2 Factor Authentication for accounts/systems 2020
  Randomise CRM tool for testing/training database 2020
YapCRM V4 - Going Vertical  
  Update all areas to new design standard & improved mobile support 2019-2021
  Mobile App (Android); Authenticator & Login Tool 2020-2021
Q1 2020