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YapCRM is made up of 4 core modules

  • contacts
  • tasks
  • marketing
  • forecasting
In addition to this, the system has many other features such as the home page overview panels, group creation and the calendar. You can find overview videos of some of the modules below.

Contact Management

Contacts are the heart of any CRM system and YapCRM is no exception, key features include

  • Multiple contacts per company
  • Attach emails to contacts by including the CRM in emails
  • Customise what fields are important to your business
  • Add files (excel, word, pdf, mp3, mp4 etc.), tasks, sales and more to records
  • Set required fields and highlight important fields
  • Live dedupe checking to highlight duplication of contacts/companies to users

Tasks & Calendar

You can view and add tasks via contacts or via the integral CRM calendar, which can also be linked to display as a calendar in your chosen e-mail client.

  • Setup email reminders
  • Ical feed for your calendar or phone
  • Add custom fields to tasks
  • Integrated template email that can be set as part of the task
  • Integrated with our KPI tools for activity tracking


One of the major benefits of having an up to date CRM used daily by your company is that you can employ marketing tailored specifically to your clients. And if your client chooses not to receive marketing information - simply mark that client up in the CRM and they will be automatically excluded from marketing shots, even if they're mistakenly included by a user in a distribution list.

  • Word, PDF, Excel, Email, SMS, Labels and more options
  • Advanced search interface to target the clients you want to
  • All marketing emails are displayed on a contact
  • Marketing reports with read receipt, rejected emails, out of office
  • Ability to use our email servers or your email client servers
  • Add your own SMS service, or we can manage it for you


Any sales focused company needs to know how they have done, how they are doing and how they are going to do. Our system lets you record historical sales figures by stream and combine that with predicted future forecasts, that when combined with targets let you predict future success or avoid any potential short falls.

  • Provides overview of current position, targets and potential revenue
  • Log each forecast with its revenue effect on revenue streams and months
  • View potential for your business, team or individual at any time
  • Provides reports to discuss in sales meetings
  • Can be updated while on the move, to unchain sales people from the office desktop
  • Can be integrated via API/Import tool with Accounting solutions

Event System

For clients wishing to run events, our system is structured in such a way that you only ever require one CRM, and one client/contact entry. As events/seminars come and go, your CRM will be used to manage your clients for each event/seminar. Use your CRM to communicate event/seminar dates, times and locations dynamically to your invited clients so that they only receive information that is applicable to them.

  • Run all stages of your event from our system
    • Users decide which clients/leads to invite to your event, and qualify them
    • Send out invites using the CRM to designated clients/leads
    • Confirm client/user booking dates and times with clients
    • Manage the front desk using our Matrix interface and send SMS reminders & print name badges
    • Management can monitor all stages via our in house reports
    • APIs available to export/import data

Client Management

Allocate your clients individually to set categories that you can specify. This helps manage clients by their likelihood to be a sale, their available budget etc. - it's up to you.

  • Users have a one stop interface to find the most critical information
  • Transparency in the company of who manages which clients
  • Tools for monthly reviews with the ability to have a formal stored report if required

KPI Reporting

Some clients have formal Key Performance Indicators used to judge and reward success beyond Targets Hit. Our KPI system tracks activity based on calendar appointments and lets users once a week confirm activity to management in a simple one click pop up window along with any other KPI required.

  • Integrated with our Calendar system so no further data entry required
  • Various reports to indicate KPI performance
  • Ability to customise fields collated
  • Automatic email reminders if not completed

Workflow / Job Pipeline

If you have a series of tasks that join up to form a workflow that needs to be completed; we have a system that will let you check progress and what you have in the pipeline.

  • Join a series of tasks to make a workflow
  • Add additional fields as required
  • Multiple workflows can be run concurrently
  • Track time between each workflow job, and time to completion
  • Reports to track the pipeline progress

Survey System

Build your own survey to record the information vital to your business

  • As many different types as required
  • Search tool to find the survey should you forget the contact
  • Add more than 19 different data entry types
  • Automatic Report PDF generation
  • Built in email tools



We have other systems beyond those covered above, please contact us to find out more