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How to setup sending emails via Gmail servers

When sending emails, you can send them directly from your mail servers by inputting your email address, server name and password within YapCRM. For Google, they ask for 2-step verification for extra security. 

To do this, log into your Google Account and click Manage your Google Account.
  Click Security and confirm that 2-step verification is turned on. If not, follow instructions to set this up. Click App Passwords. Fig.1. 
Enter your password. Click Select app, and select Other (Custom name). Type YapCRM and click Generate Fig.2. This will display a pop-up with a yellow box containing a 16 digit password. Copy this password. Fig.2
Go to your CRM. Click Settings > Manage CRM > Manage Users. Select your user account. Click on the Optional tab. Paste password into the Password field. Enter your email address into the Email Account Login and smtp.gmail.com into the Email Account Server field. Click Save. Fig.3