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On Site

On site deployment typically involves 2-3 meetings. This is useful for companies who know they need bespoke systems developing and want to demonstrate what they currently have.

  • The first meeting is a brief take, we learn about your company and what needs to be developed.
  • The second meeting is a demonstration of the BETA development of your system, this meeting is frequently done over Skype, but can be done on site.
  • The third meeting will be after the system is approved and we will run the core functions with your employees and run a training session if required.
  • The fourth meeting will review the 3rd and expand on to more complex training subjects.


Remote deployment is done without visiting you, it follows the same schedule as the traditional on site deployment. However, all discussions will be conducted via telephone, or where desk sharing is desirable, we make use of communications software such as Skype or JoinMe.

Remote deployment saves costs, and is environmentally friendly. It can also enable a more efficient turnaround, as no on site meetings need to be arranged.

Its weakness is that the client needs to sell the concept to staff (very important) and also train them. YapCRM provides key users training/support, regular users need to be trained in house or using our online videos.

Time Scale

The core system will be available within 24 hours, we aim to deploy bespoke systems within two weeks of a brief and be feature complete within one month, all dependent upon your requirements.

YapCRM will issue the first invoice after approval and sign off of your CRM, and you then have a 30 day grace period before payment is due to evaluate the CRM. If you are not satisfied, you can walk away up to the invoice due date with no obligation. We want a long term business relationship, this period allows you to evaluate both our system and ourselves.

  • Week 1 Brief/Design/Deploy
  • Weeks 2 & 3 Test/Develop
  • Week 4 CRM sign off & invoice generated
  • Weeks 5-8 Client CRM evaluation period
  • Week 9+ Invoice due or cancellation

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