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YapCRM is a SAAS (Software as a Service) solution. It is designed and developed in the UK. Our aim is to let you access and manipulate your data the way you want, on the device you want, and most importantly, in a secure manner.

We aim to make it as simple to use as possible, if an employee can use Facebook they can use Yap, the principles are the same. Having all your data in a simple to use cloud based system, can reduce your costs, reduce IT overheads and most importantly you can securely access it from any location.

The system is based around 4 core modules, we then can add existing, remove or develop additional modules depending on the client's needs. Over 70% of our clients have bespoke modules developed. We build a system to fit your needs, you do not need to fit our system.


YapCRM is made up of 4 core modules: contacts, tasks, marketing and sales forecasts.

On top of this the system has many other modules such as event management, client lists, media library, sales, survey and KPI reporting.

To find out more visit our features page.


We aim to offer a CRM solution for all organisations, small & large. 

Pricing starts at just £8 per month per user.

To find our more about please visit our pricing area.


We provide several training solutions depending on your size, location and needs.

  • We have an extensive online manual with documents, videos and FAQs, click here to take a look.
  • Remote screen sharing training can be provided either to individuals or groups to get you started.
  • Key Contact Email/Phone Support is provided Free of Charge to a designated user/s to help get the most from the system.
  • We can create bespoke training videos for your business*
  • On site training is avaliable*.

*standard hourly rate charges my apply, see pricing and deployment sections


YapCRM uses several types of technology to provide our service.

We aim to use the best tool for the job and invest thousands of pounds on the right solution rather than the easy/cheap solution.

Our physical servers, the OS that runs and the software that powers the CRM, is the best in class that we believe so we can provide an easy to develop & cost effective solution for our clients. Find our more here.


The most important part of a CRM in the beginning is not the features, it is the deployment. Without buy in from team members a CRM is doomed to be a failure no matter how many bells and whistles it has.

To make your CRM a success we offer planned deployment solutions based on needs and budget.

Our business model is based on long term relationships with our clients and them using the CRM on a daily basis not signing them up to a long term contract.

Check out our deployment page for more information.