YapCRM uses a combination of what is cost effective and what is time effective. We have seen the issues of reliance on open source solutions, frequently a hack on one site can open the door on tens of thousands of other sites. As such we try strike a balance between cost, easy of use and security.


We use Adobe Coldfusion despite the high cost, it is an enterprise level rapid development solution, the original MySpace was made in less than 2 weeks using Coldfusion.

The excellent intergration with PDF, Flash and Office products mean we can create solutions much faster and cheaper than we could in other solutions such as PHP.


MySQL database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its high performance, high reliability and ease of use. MySQL was good enough for Facebook, thats good enough for us.

Windows Server 2008

Windows Datacenter is still the enterprise OS of choice for most busineses, recently the power and value of Hyper V has made it the obvious choice. Providing a great value, secure OS.


Take a look at what powers YapCRM

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We support the big five browsers, though were confident YapCRM will work on any web standard browser.

For ease of design we only check with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Who do we recommend? Chrome if you want to follow our advice.



  • Hashing
  • » We use SHA-1 salted hash for passwords.
  • Encryption
  • » Several areas secured with 128/256bit AES
  • » Some code uses CF_COMPAT, being phased out.
  • » Online backup files encrypted on Amazon EC2
  • » Office backup files password protected